A j Warehousing, The SOLUTION.


A J Warehousing offers a complete fulfilment service solution,

We can tailor our fulfilment procedures to meet all our customers requirements, from very small items to the more bulkier items. 

Our service include:

Receipt of goods - We can accept Parcels / Pallets / Containers 

Rework / Package - If required we can stamp, brand, assemble and package your goods   

Store Goods - We will locate your goods on shelving, Or pallet locations  

Order Processing - We receive your orders 

Pick And Pack - Our Warehouse will pick your order, Then pack in either our plain boxes or your boxes (We can supply customized boxes if needed e.g with your logo / design )

Dispatch - We will then dispatch your orders on our carrier company, Or if pallet Via our pallet system. 

Stock Management - This service is also available if required. We can monitor your stock levels. Let you know when to order 

All orders are checked for accuracy before the final pack so any potential errors are detected before the goods leave our warehouse.

Once goods leave our warehouse your customer can be notified by text to their phone or email that goods have been collected with a tracking number for reference. We also offer a full returns system if required from collection of goods from customers to investigation ,rework or repacking of items.

So if your supplying eBay / Amazon customers, Or Business customers. A J warehousing has all the services you would require, Get in contact with us for a quote, Or just to discuss your options